So Many Words for the Broken Heart


  Rolling Stone Magazine - December 2000   [x]

Once, at a mall back in Orlando, where the group got its start, AJ allowed a beautiful female fan to cozy up next to him for a photograph. Suddenly, she started quaking, like she was having a grand mal seizure. When she calmed down, AJ said, “If you don’t mind my asking, what the hell happened to you?” The girl said, “I just had an orgasm.” AJ said, “Well, OK, now…” And then he got the heck out of there.

Nick: I had a really funny, well I thought it was funny, idea for the cruise for one of the party nights, what if we… (Nick exhales in laughter)

Howie: It’s not even said yet. You don’t have to start laughing. Tell it first, then laugh.

Nick. What if we did- we called it drag night.

Howie: Whoa, not funny.

Nick: So basically what we do, all the girls dress up as guys and the guys dress up as girls. So you’d call it drag night. It’d be funny. Like with “Just Want You To Know”, I mean, it’s frickin’ one chromosome away from it.

Howie: Yeah, that was the tightest spandex I’ve ever worn in my life.

Nick: It was. See, AJ would love it, because I think AJ thinks he’s a girl. [x]

Brian: Well, there’s a redneck joke about, uh, you know that you’re a redneck when your porch on your house caves in and you kill a family of dogs. [x]

On the set of the “Inconsolable” music video

Nick: I put ice on my nose ‘cause it swells so much ‘cause all the years of me trying to look like Brian. I mean I would go in my room and I would stick, like, these gumballs up my nose before I go to sleep.

Brian: (behind the camera) Oh, come on. Okay, action. [x]

Jul 9

AJ: (To after party audience) How many want to see Howie with his shirt off?

Howie: No. I’d rather see your pants off, AJ. Take your pants off.

AJ: Come on, Howie. Get sexy, Latin Lover. [x]

Jul 8

"You don’t run with the crowd. You go your own way.
You don’t play after dark. You light up my day.
Got your own kind of style that sets you apart.
Baby, that’s why you captured my heart”

Jul 8

Windy City Times: You guys are playing San Francisco Pride June 27 [2010]. Why is it important for the Backstreet Boys to support the gay community?

Brian: Well first off, it’s a huge thing. Many years ago these things used to be shunned and pushed aside, and I think that America is a country where you are free to make choices and do what you want with your life. The Backstreet Boys are in support of you choosing the lifestyle that you live and it’s no big deal and we are not here to condemn or to judge, we are just here to love and to support. We make music that works for gentlemen, for young ladies, for grandparents, for kids. We stand for the freedom of choice, the freedom to live the life that you want to live and that’s why we want to be there. We were asked to be the grand marshals and we thought that it was a wonderful opportunity for us, so why not? [x]

Jul 7

Interviewer: Brian, this one’s for you. What’s your favorite part of a woman’s body? This is what Smash Hits asked you in ‘98.

Brian: My wife has beautiful curves. She has a nice bum, and she has…nice boobs. So, I mean, she’s sexy, so I’ve got the curves, yeah. Back then I said ‘eyes’ probably.

Interviewer: 1998 Brian said, “favorite part of a woman’s body is her face. I really like faces especially eyes and mouths, but of course if they don’t have a good personality, I’m just not interested.” [x]

~~~ (On the topic of celebrity crushes)

Brian: And I’ve always loved Pamela Anderson as well. And then I married a woman who looked just like her. And I’m like BAM! (Howie fans Brian with a cue card) [x]

Jul 6

"When you talk, does it seem like he’s not even listening to a word you say?
That’s okay babe, just tell me your problems.
I’ll try my best to kiss them all away”


Jul 4

"Sometimes the road, it does get lonely out there.Y’know, the Backstreet Boys, we travel all around the world. We’re in different countries all the time. But I want you to know, no matter where I go, my heart will always stay with you." [x]